2nd Story is real stories by real people for real change.

We believe that well-crafted, well-told stories can be a catalyst for change for artist and audience alike. We are celebrating 20 years this season, and we are just getting started.


2nd Story is producing events all over Chicago every month. From intimate pubs in Rogers Park to big venues in the West Loop, we have an event for you.

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Be the storytellers of your own life. Geared towards artists/writers/performers seeking to hone their technique as well as individuals with no experience at all.

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2nd Story's unique workplace programming bridges the personal and professional with one-of-a-kind crafted experiences for your employees.

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Photography by Layne Dixon, Dorey Kronick, Liz Rice, John Taflan, and Soda Fountain Photography,

Such an attentive, raucous, joyous crowd. It really is something unique.
I loved all four stories for different reasons; unforgettable!
— 2nd Story Audience Member