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A Story About A Dress - Deanna Myers

Blurb:  In honor of Women's History month, we are pleased to share a story celebrating the power of female friendships.


What the Photos Showed - Cameron Pentimone

In this story, Cam grapples with telling their partner a long-held secret.


The price of dishes - kim hunt

In this story, teller Kim Hunt brings us back to the Kansas City of her youth with a childhood memory of her mother's determination to attain a prized set of dinnerware.  

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Checkmate - Lauren Sivak

2nd Story celebrates Valentine's Day with this refreshing story about romance past and storyteller (and 2nd Story Managing Director) Lauren Sivak's smooth moves.


Breaking up is hard to do - 
Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke

In this story, Reshmi explores how relationships shift over time, and the moments in which they could snap (and end) or bend (and grow).


Boundary Waters - Martinique Hallerduff

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In this episode, Martinique tells a story that takes place during what she calls a "very specific, very tiny window of time" in United States history, when same sex marriage was only legal in a few states and Canada.


WINTER HOLIDAY - Darren Meyers

In this story, Darren shares his experience of navigating the holiday season as an individual who does not celebrate Christmas.