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In this story, Amanda grapples with the responsibilities that come with leadership, and learns about the difference between intent and impact.


In this story, CP and his wife Jess negotiate how to talk with each other (and lean on each other) in their marriage, as an interracial couple in the wake of the Ferguson verdict.  

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Kicking off the relaunch of 2nd Story's podcast, Heart of Nowhere is a story about Star Wars, Dave’s time as a soldier in Afghanistan, and how those two very different wars collided in an example of the transformative power of storytelling

Megan and Sarah come together for a two-person story about the power of kindness and learning to show up for each other when it matters.


MICRO/MACRO - mckenzie chiNN

Our teller experiences oppression on scales both large and small.


To Spank or Not To Spank - LaTanya Lane

A mother realizes her seven-year old son’s seemingly simple temper tantrum could have dire implications outside the safe space of their home.