Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck

In 2012, 2nd Story celebrated its 13th year of sharing stories with audiences across Chicago. At that milestone, we felt a pull to expand our reach beyond the moments of live performance. 
Thus, Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck was born.

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About Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck

Since early man carved bison and spears on cave walls, humankind has been telling stories. Today, short personal essays are a mainstay on the airways, the web, and in theaters and bars across the country. This anthology brings the vibrant oral tradition to the page through the work of 2nd Story, a Chicago-based collective of story-makers and story-lovers working to build community through storytelling. This collection puts those hilarious and heart-wrenching stories right into your hands.

Featuring Stories From:

"Funny, compelling, intimate, raw, and always surprising, Briefly Knocked... is storytelling at its absolute best. From porn queens to tooth fairies, blood clots to sobriety, prepare to be awestruck, dumbstruck, thunderstruck, and perhaps struck by low-flying fowl. These are stories you will want to reach out loud to your friends."

- DINTY W. Moore
author, the mindful writer

"The best part about the stories in this collection isn't that they're captivating (though they are). And it isn't that they'll bring a tear just as much as they'll bring a smile (though they will). And it's not that they'll introduce you to some of Chicago's most incredible new writing talent (though that'll happen too). No, the best art about the stories in this collection is that they are true."

- dan sinker
author, the f***ing epic twitter quest of @mayoremanuel